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What do you love most about your 8L (A3 and S3 owners ONLY please)

phil miller Feb 15, 2013

  1. Routledge

    Routledge Wind Deflector Trend-setter

    I love spending thousands fixing it monthly.
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  2. djarchive

    djarchive Member

    The second glances it gets when a) washed & b) parked up.

    Just clocking people look at it is enough hasn't happened before. Guess its a pride type of thing.

    "Yeah, you just keep on staring. Because that, is mine."
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  3. Adam P

    Adam P Active Member

    My S3 is my first german car and having previously owned jap turbos and french hot hatches i have finally found a car that looks the part, it goes well, is subtle and looks mean on the road! A variety of mods available which dont break the bank aswell make it the best car i have owned by a country mile!! Not even mentioning the comfort of the leather recaros and the look on a typical civic type R owners face when they try and overtake you in vtec then ......... BOOOST!!! :moa:
  4. phil miller

    phil miller Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    ok need to change my most loved thing, mine has to be that moment when you lose power, the ECU light starts to flash and you hope its a coil pack gone down........only to find out its lost compression on a cylinder, yes VAG i love that so much :(

    ok Rant over

    The best thing about the 8L is that fellow owners will go above and beyond to help other members out, ASN is a cracking forum, everyone is really helpful

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