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What do you like about your A3/S3?

S3MHT Jul 10, 2007

  1. S3MHT

    S3MHT Remap Do I or Don't I???????

    Couldn't of put it better myself, Im happy with the performance without the remap but am still considering getting it
  2. buckas

    buckas Member


    not to mention

    - class

    - comfort

    - build quality

    - interior

    - effortless cruiser on long journeys but immense fun on the country roads

    - complete confidence in it because i know it's planted (except for last night, driving onto loose chippings at 60 = sideways fun :blush:)

    - so many more, love it loads, best car ever owned

  3. D-Tech Performance

    D-Tech Performance D-Tech Performance - Dom

    I like 20v engines and.... erm...erm.... the interior :)

    i dont like...

    the handling
    the standard performance
    the perceived image of them over my way (drug dealer bus)

    thankfully the top two can be sorted the last cant :(

    fact of the matter as a good friend tom so aptly put its a fast luxury hatch not out and out performance hatch
  4. ROBS3

    ROBS3 Member

    For me, it's the overall 'package'.
    The quality build, enjoyable interior, good looks, performance (especially in the wet) etc.

    There are other cars that offer better performance, handling, more toys etc but not necessarily in one package and for a good price (2nd hand).

    That's what I think anyway :o.k:
  5. bantam1

    bantam1 Member

    I was happy with the performance too until I got it remapped and fettled with the rest. Now a lot happier - faster, handles better, stops quicker, more smiles per mile. But very costly and I can understand why someone would leave their cars standard. Just don't start, cause you won't stop.
  6. StaffsS3

    StaffsS3 Flat Out

    Plus points

    1) The looks, when polished up (black with ali mirrors), there's no car for the money that I'd rather own.
    2) The interior (half leather/silver alcantara), BOSE etc, excellent place to be and so much better than any Subaru/Type R/Cupra R in my humble opinion.
    3) The power/grip/fuel consumption (with a remap).
    4) The residuals (although they have taken a bit of a fall of late).
    5) The image. Call me superficial and shallow, but not too many Chav types own them (although ultimately in time this will happen which is a shame).
    6) The ability on sweeping A roads to make great (ahem)......progress.

    Negative Points

    1) The stealers
    2) The Cambelt/Water pump issues
    3) The standard brakes
    4) The fact that my wifes 2002 MX5 is a better handling car.

    All this is just my humble opinion and based on having driven a lot of fast well sorted machinery. Still miss my Golf Mk3 16v Anniversary with sports handling kit.....

    At the time like a few people I was considering Type R's, Cupra R's, WRX's and 330ci's. Still feel I made the right choice. The S3 is by no means the best, just the best package for my needs. Does what is says on the tin I suppose!!
  7. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron


  8. Bash_A3

    Bash_A3 Member

    I love the shiny emblem & outer ring on my (facelift) steering wheel :racer:
  9. StaffsS3

    StaffsS3 Flat Out

    Exactly!!! Thanks Silver!! :salute:
  10. simch

    simch Active Member

    I love the fact that mine goes like the absolute clappers! There aint a lot that can keep up out there! Nice interior, subtle and classy.

    I dont lioke only one cup holder, and the pitifully small boot! Also would prefer the blue illumination of the clocks etc like on golfs, (very calming!)
  11. M44 DUB

    M44 DUB Member Audi TT

    Love: -


    Look of the car

    The heated seats

    The power

    Hate: -

    The uncomfy seats not nice for long drives

    Hate that everything for them is so bloody expensive.
  12. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    i just love the car as a whole package

    don`t like the fact chavs can now get them as they are getting cheaper :(
  13. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    Oh, I'm here...just chuckling away...

    Despite what some think, I loved my S3. It was a brilliant car...especially when fully sorted. It looked good, was quick, handled brilliently, braked superbly, was fantastically put together...but was dull to drive.

    Very capable...but dull.

    Despite that, I regret selling it as it was effortlessly quick.

    Personally, I don't think an S3 can be called fast.
    It's not. Quick...OK...but not fast.
    Drive a fast car and you'll know what fast is. And an S3 isn't it.

    The standard S3 is a fine car for everyday driving...but for really pressing on the handling is verging on dangerous. The chassis is numb and unresponsive.
    It handles OK at best...but with a bit of work it can be brilliant.
    Standard...it's not a good handling car and anyone who thinks it is obviously hasn't driven proper handling cars.

    The brakes are weak...but I never thought they were all that bad...sure the Brembos take things to a new level, but chance the standard pads and make big improvements.

    Overall I really liked my S3...I wish I'd kept it.
    Great though it was...even when fully sorted it wasn't properly 'fast'.
    ...and standard the handling is awful!
  14. danotto

    danotto VAG HUNTER

    i love the black/white suede interior,and the arches most,and i think it is a quick car,when we are talkin fast what cars are we talkin about...ferraris or skylines etc:blackrs4:
  15. mwstewart

    mwstewart Member

    danotto - I'd consider my M3 (E46) to go quite well.
  16. S3-ROB

    S3-ROB RD350YPVS - Loves 2 stroke oil

    My S3 is not as quick as my old M3 (E36) but think its quick enough, i find the standard brakes very good so far, handling is ok, good grip but still not the sort of car you can throw around so could be better.

    As said already its no supercar but i think its a good all round package for the money.

    I was after either an S3 or Civic type R, knew the civic would be more reliable and probably handle better but went for the S3 in the end as Civic type R's are quite common and also i thought if i get bored or the performance then the S3 is cheaper and easier to improve.
  17. campbell

    campbell Member


    ha ha lol i totally agree, i think you may have a tyre fetish too like others on here !
  18. joe6886

    joe6886 Member

    I don't see how the standard brakes are rubbish, mine work fine. Could be better but they do stop the lardy ****** pretty quick when you want to.

    Handling definatly could be improved but there is loads of things I love about mine.
  19. campbell

    campbell Member

    to be honest i think my brakes are decent too ,they have saved my balls a few times, could be better as everything in life but if your happy why change them IMO
  20. joe6886

    joe6886 Member

    I still want some LCR front brakes, but standard are more than adequate if you ask me.
  21. Dave_Bayern

    Dave_Bayern Slipping at 3.5Krpm

    Theres a whole load of people satisfied with woefully inadequate here!

    Do you lot also have fat girlfriends?

    As in, she does the job, but you've no experience of the size 4 model variety, thus you don't see the benefit over your size 14 current one.

    The S3 brakes are cack, but they can be massively improved with the right discs and pads.

    I'd even go so far as to say that Black Diamond grooved discs and Ferodo DS2500 pads are as good as standard LCR/Brembo.
  22. StaffsS3

    StaffsS3 Flat Out

    Now Now Dave, what have I told you about your S3 envy?!! :p
  23. joe6886

    joe6886 Member

    So they are'nt cack then are they, they just could be better. Same as most things in life.

    And my girlfriend is just right thanks, i'd never settle for adequate on that front.
  24. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    i dont think daves got S3 envy really......

    give it a month and he will be pulling away from mapped S3's no trouble.....

    god im going to start a row with that comment :p

    i love my audi, i accept its not an amazing car, but amoungst all my friends, its the best, theyre all in 306's and saxos, so it does make me feel good, even if in the real world its not all that.....

    sinse mapped, its reasonably nippy, and gets me comfortable from a-b with minimal fuss, its a VERY comfortable place to be, and coving 400 miles a week, it needs to be.

    i could have gone for the tdi, but after comming from my mini, i just couldnt face the idea of total everydayness......

    i like the fact that my A3 can still spin up the wheels when it comes on boost..... it makes it a bit less dull.

    REALLY looking forward to seeing how she rides on coilovers and H&R arbs in a few months time.....
  25. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    I think they do justify being called cack.

    The pads overheat with spirited road driving and the discs don't get any cooling air.

    Remove the splash shields from the insides and fit some better pads and they are fine...I ran with standard callipers, grooved standard discs, EBC pads and no splash guards for long enough...and they were fine for aggressive road use...if you could live with the spongy pedal.

    But Brembos are much better all round.

    Either way, standard (I mean standard pads...the lot) they are very, very poor for a heavy car with the potential for going swiftly.
  26. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    Steady on Dave...
    I tried Black Diamond grooved discs and some bespoke Mintex Racing (F4Rs I think...more aggressive than the DS2500s) pads and they still weren't up to the standard of the Brembo kit.

    The 4 pot kit is just better all round...you simply can't match it with those silly sliding calliper things fitted standard.
  27. mk1chopper

    mk1chopper Missing the S3

    I love the look of the car and the fact its got all the mod cons that i wanted in the car.

    The down side is its boring.

    I use to have a mk1 golf gti, and all i wnated to do was keep spending money on it. I thought whats the point of spending all this money so ended up getting a car that wouldnt need me to mod it as it would have the complete package from standard.

    Now i miss having my mk1 golf and the fun of woriking on it and driving it. Dont think i could use it as a daily driver again as im to use to the comfort of the S3.

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