What do you guys think?


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Looks pretty good, and it's got the seats that so many people seem to desire!


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Definitely a good spec, got nav, flat bottom steering wheel, phone and them sweet sweet buckets!

Check if one of the owners was the dealership, as 2 owners on a car thats a year old with only 15k miles is unusual...


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thanks lads. I did wonder about the 2 owners with that mileage, I will have to enquire about that. I have been looking for a white S3 with the seats, steering wheel and bose for months so fingers crossed its in good condition when I go check it out. Cant wait!


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Looks nice, however I wondered if you'd considered looking a a new one via a broker, my facelift 09 was a shade over 3k more with similar spec (- the sat nav + adaptive xenons + auto wipers & lights) but obviously 0 miles, 0 previous owners and 3 years warranty remaining rather than 2. Might be worth a look if you've got the spare wonga


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Great spec.. i'd be reluctant to be the 3rd owner of a 1 year old car though.... I know it shouldn't affect the value but some people can be fussy about it..


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I went through broker4cars, the car came from Huntigdon Audi. It was already built and in the showroom so the spec wasn't exactly what I wanted, wasn't originally going for the buckets but it came with them, as others have said they're soooooo worth it


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I have seen 58 plates with facelift, are you sure you don't want to be looking for a facelift version as that is when they more or less came out? On a 58 plate. I personally would.


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Depends whether you like the facelift or not though. Looks nice, lovely seats. Turboback exhaust, intake and remap will see the sunnier side of 350bhp.


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Thanks for the replys. I am not particularly keen on the facelift wheels, although I would like the LED's and the indicators in the mirrors even though they are huge now. For the money I have to spend on a car this is my highest price and I was really looking for a car with high spec, Seats, bose, wheel etc.


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Went to see this car yesterday, drove 6 and a half hours to buy the car. Walked into the showroom and the car was a wreck.

Bonnet painted after having a dent removed from it, different colour (rippled inside)

Overspray on grille

Front bumper really bad stone chipped (guy said couple little chips)

Centre splitter of the front bumper scuffed bad

Brake calipers faded

3 wheels kerbed and one painted with runs of paint (guy said one wheel kerbed)

Dent in the bottom of passengers door that would not remove (guy said not dents in the car)

Tailgate scratched badly

Recaros badly scuffed and the gloss black on the back of seats had big scrapes with people going into the back (guy said little scuff on the drivers seat only)

Car smellin of smoke and the lighter used alot for lighting fags (guy said not been smoked in)

Steering wheel very worn and leather got a sticky feel

Silver trim of the mats filthy (would need new mats)

Roof lining marked all over

Boot mat was worn and sides of the boot were marked with big objects

Scrapes on the parcel shelf

Engine bay really dirty and oil all over the engine cover

The salesman described the car as immaculate, watch out for these dealers. It was a very long day. Ended up driving back north to aberdeenshire passing in by Aberdeen audi and ordered a new S3 Black Edition for £2,500 more than the car I went to see, delivery in march. :happy: