What do we all think of these?


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I personally love them wheels, although I reckon your car would have to be suitable spec'd to suit them. On my bog standard SE they'd look poo, but on a s-line/ s4 etc I reckon they'd look the nuts.

The last pic in the advery shows the B5 they were from, and look how good it looks!! :D


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Don't like them, they look too big. Just my opinion.
hmmmm.... bit too big.... but wd be nice in 18's.... rememebr to factor in new tyres if u do want them though!


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I like the dish but not the spokes they look like they should be fitted to an allroader or a q series car
but do you like them ?
as really thats all that matters none of us have too look at them every day
and as already said remember to factor new rubber in to the price you will never get them tyres under stock arches


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Lovely looking wheels (and Audi were pushing them after christmas over here) but just a little bit too big...

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He is a member over here, same user name. They are hollow spoked light weight jobbies, worth a fortune iirc

He had them on his b5 RS4