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What do people think of Audi 2dr convertible 1997-please read!

jnielow May 15, 2013

  1. jnielow

    jnielow Registered User

    Firstly I knowthis probably should be posted in the classic section, have done this with a few views but no comments.

    Hi All,

    I am calling on all those that feel the way I do about these cars, I have come across one which on the surface seems clean,original with 92k on clock on an R plate. I have in the past owned a 2.2 gt coupe I know different car but people will know the passion. Call it mid-life crisis,but I would love to own a convertible before I part this earth. I have read a few reviews on what to look for, and most rave about them (being German built I guess!). It is up for £1795, not sure if this is about right or not but I would say yes for this example.

    I was holding out for one up until Nov 2012 when I got impatient and bought an A3 1999 which is great! but I am now split,I am guessing the difference between 1.6A3 and the 1.8Cabriolet is not that much,I do about 100 miles a week, car tax same and insurance looking promising!.

    I have always let my head rule my heart! but I am seriously thinking about going for it! what do people or hopefully other owners think?

    Many Thanks

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  3. enoliver

    enoliver Registered User

    Well...it's like this. Older cars will undoubtedly be less reliable than newer cars, and I have found that often, they are unreliable at exactly the moment you really need it! also, with the moving of time, things become better built, with more creature comforts. They tend to be safer, with airbags and the like.
    That said, 1997 isn't that long ago, and the car therefore isn't a classic vintage type, and as such will probably still have a good drive.
    My wife wanted a convertible before she got too old, and I have to say that on a nice day, it really is good to get the top off.
    I really do think that it would be a real shame to get to later life wishing that you had done something, or bought something, when you could have.
    It is also possible that spare parts are still available with the interweb opening so many avenues.
    I think that you should seize the day, and even if you only own it for a year, before deciding that it was an error,- you will always have the satisfaction of knowing that you had owned one.
    Good luck.
  4. ex911driver

    ex911driver Registered User

    It will probably be more reliable than a more modern Audi, which engine has it got?
  5. shady-ninja

    shady-ninja Registered User

    I would have to strongly agree with you coz there will be less running around with vagcom or vcds when doing DIY things. modern cars are ****.
  6. jnielow

    jnielow Registered User

    Thanks Guys

  7. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    I bought my wife our convertible last year and she loves it. Yes, it's had to have a couple of things done like replacing the siezed brake callipers and tracking rod bolts, but compared to the avant it's so much cheeper to repair. It's quite easy to find things on online breaker sites. Audi wanted over £300 for a powersteering pipe, but I found one on the web for £45!

    The engine is fantastic, no where near as punchy as a turbo, but its lively...particularly at high revs. I test drove a few 2.3 autos beforehand, but they just weren't for me and I much preferred the flexibility of the manual gearbox. We did 5000 miles last year with some motorway driving, so insurance isn't too bad and road tax is surprisingly cheap. I wouldn't have bought it if tax was £400 a year.

    I love the fact that it is a car and not a computer in a car. There's no fancy gadgetry other than hainge abs and power steering. It also has a lot softer suspension than the avant making it more comfortable on our pothole roads.

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