What did you do to your audi today

Andy Butcher

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Disappointed with the bass output of the standard B&O system so substituted it with a 6" Vibe enclosure which I've had for years, pain to get to the standard wiring though.

I'm 57 so don't want ear shattering thumping that'll shake the windows in the local houses, just a more subtle more balanced sound.


I've run out of things to do on the S4 now, so I guess I'll have to start tidying up my sons Ex-Works rally car.
Nissan Sunny GTi F2 kitcar
Sunny Race retro.jpg
Done some calipers painting over the weekend.

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Paul Cretu

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I tried to decide if I should remove the wrap covering the chrome around the windows or leave it like it came...2 hours of staring at it and still came to no conclusion


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New coilovers arrived the other day! Gone for Stance+ street kit. The current Raceland ones are atrocious! They're going on this week. Cars had a service. Garage claimed they gave it a service before I bought it......they lied! I'm still struggling to settle on alloys. Can't find 18s 10j that are any good. Any help would be appreciated.


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I fitted a new petrol filler cap as the strap on the old one had snapped due to age. Also conditioned my front seats.

Probably will need a new battery soon as I had to call out the RAC to jump start the car after only a couple of weeks of non-use. Battery is still the original from factory so it’s done well!

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Well, after the very 'basic' service....it doesn't register the oil! :wtf: It's fine when idle but I go a few yards up the road and it says'Stop engine, check oil level' So I check the oil level and it's fine......any ideas???
Hi brand new member here, had a Mercedes-Benz company car for 17 years! Due to lockdown made hasty decision not to renew scheme so needed an estate quickly and bought this from a dealer friend arrived last Wednesday!

Very keen to join you and post some pictures itching to get going!
Thursday / Friday tasks clean a very dirty engine bay . Then attend to the predictable corrosion on sill edge / front wing. Looks as though previous owner had applied clear stone foils to prevent it getting too bad.

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While the wheels are off just had to do something with the rusty calipers, ordered a kit from E tech. As with everything its all about the prep, wire brush and cleaning all components with brake cleaner. Quite pleased with the results.

What do you think before and after pics? I know there has been many opinions on colours on here but i think this just looks clean and oem.

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Quite a productive day...
Swapped the rings & s-line badges for black ones and fitted silver indicator bulbs on the rear to get rid of that of that fried egg look


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Finally repaired my power boot!

It has been a bit intermittent to close on the first press of the button and when it finally stopped I bought a new button. Only this didn’t fix it. The only way to shut it was to pull it down a bit until the motors took over.

couldn’t find any info on the wiring for the switch so started checking continuity along the loom. Was fine in the bent between the tailgate and frame and ok there but nothing down by the bcm module. Anyway started to cut off the fabric tape only to find the wire completely broken haha. Fixed that back together and re-taped it back to look oem.
Shuts perfectly and after spraying the gas struts with ptfe spray it seems to open loads better too!


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Did a service on mine this weekend. Just oil service, top up fluids and inspect air filter. While in the airbox I modified the intake scoop a bit as it scooped downwards quite sharply upon entering to the box so now it's more direct. I removed the flapper a while back as well.

When I reset the service interval on VCDS I couldn't work out how to get a decent amount of miles on the display so I just compromised for the time being. Wanted to set 7500 miles for oil and maybe 15000 for inspection but ended up with 9000 oil and 3100 inspection lol.


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Fitted the new 19" alloys and spaced the rears 15mm. I've got 2x 20mm spacers and bolts used to £30. If anybody wants them.


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Fitted LED Number Plate Bulbs and LED Reverse Light Bulbs to my A4 this morning. I've previously had the 24 LED Ebay specials units in my number plate housings and these have given massive "beam me up Scottie" light output to the rear. Unfortunately the LED's have dwindled away to virtually nothing over time so I replaced them back with the standard Halogen bulb units. Now I've got the 2 Led in each bulb from Trups at EM Tuning, and although light output is far less than the multi Led units, they are still much brighter than the standard yellowish output halogen bulbs.
As for the T15 LED Bulbs, also supplied by Trups a
t EM Tuning (don't forget to put in the discount code ASN13 if purchasing) these bulbs are in a different league with their super bright white light output compared to the standard bulbs. They are also Canbus error free which is great after the disappointment of fitting some cheapie so called Canbus error free T15 LED Bulbs (less than a fiver from Ebay as a stop gap) only for both bulbs to show faults everytime I selected reverse.
Next up will be the rear indicators swapping to LED's. While I was in the boot doing the other bulbs, I took the rear light fitting out to check which type of bulb the rear indicator takes. It's a P21W standard bulb but decent Canbus error free LED replacements aren't cheap. The rear wing mounted fitting comes out very easy and also went back on easily enough. While I had it out I took the opportunity to clean around and behind it with almost 9 years of crud, algae etc built up around and behind it in the nooks and crannies. Should be a straightforward bulb replacement job if the bulbs fit back inside the fitting OK. The final piece of the jigsaw will be the front indicator bulbs, something which looks far from straightforward with the Xenon headlights having to come out to do it.


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Finally got round to fitting the CWA100 charge cooling pump.
Also fitted my new supercharger with Forge Pulley and dual nozzle Meth set up.
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Definitely need to clean and polish them...but they are black chrome!

Going for a red and black theme, next jobs are to replace the Quattro badge and boot rings.
Sorry about that, I didn't realise they were black chrome. I clean my chrome tips inside and out on every maintenance wash but it doesn't take long for the internals and the tips to blacken up again...looks nice when it's done though :) Look forward to seeing the effect of the black rings and quattro badge makes to your motor.
Sorry about that, I didn't realise they were black chrome. I clean my chrome tips inside and out on every maintenance wash but it doesn't take long for the internals and the tips to blacken up again...looks nice when it's done though :) Look forward to seeing the effect of the black rings and quattro badge makes to your motor.

Don't mention it! just need to find some time to wash, clay, polish and wax. So just the five or so hours required for that!

Geoff Morritt

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Got me some H&R springs. -40mm so -20 on the S Line as its already lowered from standard. Ride is much the same, just looks better in my opinion.


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Did a full DSG oil/filter change.
Needed to remove the x brace to get to inside the pan and replace inner filter & magnets. Rather than just doing what audi do, which is replace outer filter and oil change.
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Gave the car its first proper clean in my possession today. It was also my first time properly cleaning a car, never bothered with my old one! I used a combination of AutoGlym and Meguiars products in combination with the Karcher K2 pressure washer since it's my first delve into the detailing world.



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Changed the front strut and the job was a b***h. Pinch bolt was seized and it took a air impact chisel to get it out.


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A4 Sline
Replaced front disks and pads (pagid)

£163 from ecp with code

Caliper carrier was a nightmare 21mm spanner and a hammer got it free.


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Well that was the easiest upgrade I've ever done (well apart from the fan washers)

Love the way my cheap Chinese one came in matching sepang blue (almost ;) )