What colour A6 Avant would you avoid?


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Looking at changing to a new A6
Seen a Red Black edition and not too sure about it

Any thoughts?

Not seen many about or even for sale
So wondering if it's really unpopular

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Think red is fairly rare - most people dare not stray from the safe options of grey, silver, black - so depends if you care about resale.

Personally I think red and blue and Daytona grey are very nice colours on the A6.


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flat white/black - gotta be metallic/pearl


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I have a Black Edition in Misano Red, think it looks fantastic! Pretty rare too which I like, though a bit more showy than the standard palate which makes you feel a bit conspicuous sometimes.

Don't think I'd avoid any colours tbh, I think BE A6s look great in all the colours they do. I did see a green one once on auto trader but that was one of a kind!


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I think Daytona Grey looks fantastic, especially on a Black Edition. I'd like this combo on an Avant as my next car.


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I saw a red avant black edition last night and it looks good imho. I have daytona grey and it's really nice but on my next car just as a change I'd go with nogaro blue (looks like sepang blue is only available on the S6, which I'd get if available)


The only thing thats put me off from a personal point (and ive owned a red car) is i like a good set of rear lights on a car to stand out and like a contrast. Obviously the rear cluster is red so blend in.

Also on my much older and cheaper red car the red faded and not evenly either so it looked awful.

Other than that the red is a lovelly colour and saw a red A6 on my travels which did stand out.


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White all the way for me, it stays surprisingly clean compared to the guy who has a black one up the road from me.



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I like mine in Daytona grey. I do love that king fisher blue though.

I just need some bigger wheels and a remap...

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