what chip/tuning box for 1.9tdi 130


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Hi all, im new here so a hello to you all, i have recently bought my first audi, a A6 1.9 tdi sport 2001, now the bottom end torque is great but dies off midrange and top end a bit, i have found many types of "boxes" and remaps but what do you recomend as serious options for me, Thanks for any help in advance.


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It'll come down to cash at the end of the day, if your looking for a remap complete with rolling road etc, be prepared to part with around the £400 mark. There are also changeable maps available from companies such as revo which means you can change between the standard and mapped version at will but i believe these cost a bit more. Generally the remap on a 130 will produce in the region of 165 bhp but the torque increase is substantial and the main benefit

If your looking for a tuning box, it'll be worth checking which engine type you have, I would guess it will be the PD version but always best to be 100% before parting with your cash.
Then you can go for either something like the dragon tuning box which i believe cost around £250 - 300 or a cheapie from somewhere like eBay for around the £20 - 50 mark. The more expensive boxes can have several different settings and generally offer higher increases in performance. The cheaper options normally increase the fuel entering the engine and give about 10bhp

Also, I know some people here have bought the more expensive boxes from other countries which has saved quite a bit of money.

Hope it helps


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I'd have a proper remap, with Rolling road etc.. you'll get a good 180-190BHP and its done properly, have a look at this site


These "boxes" are mostly analog and not digital which im very sure have read that causes problems.

hope that helps