What are the power gains (if any) of an AGU head on bam block?


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Mar 22, 2021
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Hi guys, this is my first post. Iv recently purchased an S3 8l, i made sure it was a BAM engine code as i believe these are the more desirable engine. Was looking in the engine bay at the weekend and discovered an 'AGU' stamp on the head. I was at first dissapointed thinking id bought a car which has had an engine swap. After some searching and talking to the previous owner i found out its had an AGU head put on because they have slightly bigger ports.. which leads me to my question.. how much (if any) of a difference will this conversion make? And is it really worth it? Thanks in advance :)
it allows for extra gains as the AGU head has bigger ports that are ported from the factory... it can add another 25bhp at max if the head was put on before a remap... if it was an after remap affair it still adds another 10 to 15 bhp depending on if they kept the AGU camshaft. all in all the power is only really noticeable at top end where the AGU headed BAM engine will have a little more puff to keep going compared to a BAM with a BAM head.