What 18" tyres and rims to my A4 b8 ???


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Hi guys ... (probably there are lot of threads about rims and fitment but i cant find, so if exists u can post a link)

but... i am going to buy rims + tyres, interested in 18". Now i have A4 Avant but last year i had a A3 and S3 and both had a 18" rims, tyres 225/40/R18. At this 225/40/R18 tyres the driving was so hard and rough. So much more than in 205/55/R16 of course.
(u need to know i live in slovakia and our roads are not ideal, not flat and smooth. sometimes in cities it looks like i am driving offroad)

my first question is: what rims i should buy: 8Jx18 or 8.5Jx18 and what ET ??? (regarding to tyres which will fit best and drive could be "softer")
second question: i was looking at internet and someone recommends 245/40 tyres... is that ok? Does it "float" on the road? isnt it too wide? which one should be better? 245/40 , 225/40 , 225/45? i wonder if tyres with higher profile (e.t. 225/45) could resist all of the offroad drive in cities :)

thanks for advice
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235/45/18 would be a good combo imo.....


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Standard B8 A4 wheels112 PCD66.56 id
7J x 16; ET 39205/60/16 92H
7.5J x 17; ET 45225/50 R17 94Y
8J x 18; ET 47245/40 R18 93Y
8.5J x 19; ET 43255/35 R19 96Y