What’s the opinion on still buying a factory order A6 as a diesel engine option?


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Given that petrol and Diesel engines will both stop production at the same time, do you think the diesel will depreciate more than a petrol over the next 3 years?


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Personally I think the diesel will become less desirable as time goes on, especially as local authorities seek to ban them from centres. That was my thinking when deciding to switch from diesel to petrol. All that said you also need to look at how you will use the car. If you are doing a high mileage then the diesel probably makes sense regardless of the long term values. Whether the full impact will be seen in 3 years is anyone's guess, but looking at the Audi finance deals the 40TDi costs about £2000 more that 40TFSi, yet after 4 years and 40k miles the 40TDi ha a residual value about £1000 less than the 40TFSi and the monthly payments are over £60 per month more (these sums both factor in the 3 month payment contribution by Audi).