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Wet carpet in passenger footwell

Spiedhermonkey Oct 24, 2019

  1. Spiedhermonkey

    Spiedhermonkey Active Member VCDS Map User

    Yesterday we noticed a damp smell in the car and my first thought was either water in the spare wheel well, or the front passenger footwell, as I know it was a problem on the old A6 C6 model.

    Tonight I checked the passenger carpet and it is wet, near the bottom of the door.

    I vaguely remember an issue on the C7 with the seals inside the front doors, but can’t find anything after searching the forum.

    Can anyone advise on the likely cause in my C7.5? I recently took out the extended warranty with Audi as my car was made June 2016. If I take it to the dealer, will they foot all the bills in your experience, or blame wear & tear for failing door seals for instance?

    Any help much appreciated.
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  3. Evil Derboy

    Evil Derboy Registered User

    Door seals shouldn’t wear away within three years so that’s not nothing they should be able to hide behind. If in doubt simply phone the warranty department and ask their advice before getting it booked in.

    To be honest even if my car was out of warranty and only 3-4 years old I’d be pushing for Audi to sort that FOC or at least make a contribution so, personally, I wouldn’t hesitate taking it in with an extended warranty on the car.
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  4. Spiedhermonkey

    Spiedhermonkey Active Member VCDS Map User

    Thanks. I don’t have much experience of main dealers, so appreciate the advice.

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  5. elan2s

    elan2s Registered User

    The issue on the early C7s was down to the way in which the seal inside the door had been installed which caused water from the glass that ran into door being diverted inside the car rather than out through the drain holes at the bottom of the door. This was resolved fairly quickly in manufacturing so does not affect the C7.5. A possible cause of water entering the car is blockage of the drain holes in the area below the windscreen (accessed when the bonnet is open and removing some of the trim panels)
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  6. Spiedhermonkey

    Spiedhermonkey Active Member VCDS Map User

    Is the scuttle drain issue still affecting the C7.5 models as well? I was hoping that would have been eliminated after the C6.

    I can’t believe I’m only just remembering this, but my car was repaired at the start of this year. The front left wing and passenger door were replaced, rather than repaired after someone hit me. I’m glad it was Audi who advised on the body shop.

    I’ll get it booked in with Audi to look over. Or should I contact the insurers first, as it could be related to the repair?
  7. Mo-S3

    Mo-S3 Registered User

    Other thing i can think and have seen it happen is the drain holes for the AC system exit on the transmission tunnel on both the left and right sides between the gear level and firewall. If they get blocked they leak out under the carpet.
    Let your dealer investigate it and force them to sort it. Chances are if the carpet is very wet they will replace it as well.

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