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I thought i would share with everyone my experiences with the company westec in newport southwales.
It all started when i first my got my cherished audi s3 about a year and half ago. i paid them a visit as they are local to see what they do, they said they were audi and vag specialists. about a week later i had problems with my car not starting so i thought they are probably the best so i took it to them. everything was fine they said they needed the car for about 2 weeks and it will be sorted so i thought no problem. now 1 month passes by and my car hasnt even been touched and they kept making excuses saying theyre waiting for parts etc. then another week later i thought id go there to see how things are. as i turn up i see my car has been vandalised and been broken into, wheels are missing window smashed and much more. i spoke to them and they tell me theyve had a break in and acted like theyve been trying to get hold of me i was ****** as i only just paid 10 grand for an immaculate car. they said they would recover everything and sort it out fairenough. then another month goes by and eventually i get the car back but to cut it short lots of ******** in between saying this and that was wrong with turbo engine etc. i then paid them and left.
now a few months ago in easter i took my car there had no choice because there was a slight ticking noise on acceleration happening they said no problem its the exhaust gaskets i thought ok sort it out ill be back. i come back and the idiots have managed to snap the bolts and say ill have to leave it over easter i was ****** again as i needed the car but oh well. a week goes by now 2 weeks later i go there and now they tell me my turbo was knackered which was bull because i can work on cars myself and know it was fine. i realised they were trying to rip me off just like they do to plenty of others who go there by talking ****. i told them put the car back together and il pay u and take it away. instead they refused to put it back together and said just take it away with driveshaft, exhausts, turbo off. i had plenty of attitude off them and words when im just a customer who went for a service trust me i was mad felt like doing a lot of things i know plenty of ppl but stayed calm so i left an towed the car away.
The car has been fixed now by a licensed technician by vw/audi over a month ago and is running perfect. this is what i was told the original ticking i had was just the timing belt tensioner damper. the damage caused by wetec was the following they snapped the exhaust manifolt bolts, turbo bolts and thread also damaged turbo return oil pipe. i was told by vw/audi whoever worked on the car did not know what they were doing and ruined everthing for no reason. the reason they originally told me my turbo was knackered was so i pay for a new one because they ruined the threads where the bolts go.

now i really look after all my cars as im an enthusiast and i would never recommend anyone to go there as they have had other customers cars broken into and ripped plenty of ppl off i have heard.

sorry for the long post i thought id post this as i know everyone here look after there cars. Their address is:

Westec Performance
Unit 10 Leeway Court
Leeway Industrial Estate
NP19 4SJ


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OMG, I was expecting a thread full or praise, but after the first paragraph, it sounds like a dodgy place to go. You say your car had been vandalised and broken into etc. did they repair and pay for it out of their own pocket? Terrible experience, hope you can enjoy your car now with it all behind you.


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took my golf down ages ago, had a power run and dog bone mount fitted.
not that impressed tbh. i'm sure theres plenty of happy customers tho :blink:


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I'd also like to add my comments about Westec, Grant Westgate and his 'customer service'.

I booked my Cupra in to be Revo'd, 2 weeks in advance. When I arrived (1pm) Grant was leaving for the day, even though the opening hours were advertised as 5pm close. Apologised, some excuse about family emergency and asked me to come back another day.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt, the first mistake!

So came back on a saturday morning. When trying to map the car, he came up with some excuse that Revo had sent him the wrong code for the car, and it wouldn't map. He claimed they were closed and I would have to come back again (a 60 mile round trip). As you can imagine I was a little ******, but again gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking Revo at fault!

The second mistake!

So I left work early on a weekday and popped to westec again. Finally managed to get Revo stage 1 and all was happy.

A month passed and a few more $$$ on the car, I decided to go to stage 2 Revo. Rang Westec and booked it in for a Saturday morning. So 2 weeks passed and the day arrived. Drove down @ 10am as arranged, only to find Grant had failed to buy enough 'credit' for the revo map on my car. His 'mate' was coming from London and he needed the credit. Again, I was asked again to come back. I agreed on the assurance I would 'be seen right'!

The third mistake!

Came back, stage 2 was applied, money was exchanged.... but no 'compensation'.

Again a few weeks passed during which time I had ordered a hiflow downpipe and cat. After asking a few garages for a few quotes, most came back saying that they didnt want to undertake the work due to the problem of turbo studs snapping a being a pain to replace!

Westec was recommended as they were specialists! I didn't really want to take it too westec but had little choice. I didnt want the hassle of replacing studs if they snapped! How could they possibly mess an exhaust up!

Forth mistake!!!

I dropped the car down to westec, with the downpipe/cat and full new exhaust system. A £800 system. I left instructions with the receptionist Nicky that I would like the old cat/downpipe back to sell and could it be left in the boot. No problem, so I was told the car would be ready by 1pm and to give them a ring at 12.

So I got a lift back home, 30 miles away. Rang @ 12 as asked and was told the car was still outside and hadn't been looked at. I was then told it would be ready by 5pm and to just come down.

So I arrived at 5, car parked up outside and all looked well. Paid up (£125) and left. Drive home was great, until I got about a few miles home. The exhaust started blowing from all the joints. Along with this my orginal cat/downpipe wasnt in the boot.

I emailed grant first thing on the monday explaining the problem, so he booked the car back in for the coming saturday morning to sort the problem. I also asked about my cat/downpipe but was told it had already been binned, I wasnt pleased.

So another trip to westec, car up on the ramps and it was clear all the joints were loose. Grant blamed me and said I must have driven it too hard. I took it very easy on that first drive and knew this wasnt the case. He then asked me what I expected him todo about it!!! First thing that went through my mind was to knock his short fat *** to the ground, but I kept my composure and told him I wanted it fixed ... regardless of his method of fixing it.

So after waiting round for him to borrow grinders etc from the surrounding units, and much messing about, it was fixed.... or so I thought.

I left westec and drove home easy again. This time I got 1/2 way home and the centre joint started blowing again.

I rang Grant on the Monday, asking what todo. He said that the exhaust I bought was of bad design and was to fault (though I had be blamed previous!!). I disputed this, saying if the design was so bad, why wasn't I called before it was installed asking my opinion! His reply, he was only doing what I asked! And to top it off I owed him 2 hours labour to fix the exhaust the previous Saturday. I think you can imagine my reply. I rang Newport trading standards, who said they had received a few other complaints about Mr Westgate and his customer service.

They took my details and my name was added to the list. Ive heard nothing, but then again I want nothing more todo with Westec.

After the cockup with the exhaust I decided to refit the whole system myself again. This is when I discovered there was no gasket between the downpipe and turbo, even though I supplied a brand new one. All the downpipe nuts were loose and blowing badly. He had hacked up the exhaust joints so badly, I had to have the expansion jointed filled by TIG welding and recut. Since I refitted the exhaust I haven't had a problem!

This company is just run by cowboys, I'd never ever ever ever leave my car with them.

I know of alot of other stories from Westec, but it isnt my place to tell them..... well maybe one.

A friend also had a exhaust fitted by westec, even though he knew of my disaster. He arranged to collect the car at 5pm. He arrived to find westec closed, his car parked outside and his keys left in the exhaust tailpipe.

You only have to look at the cars parked around the surrounding unit car park to see how they treat customer cars.

Westec/Grant Westgate, a proper bunch of cowboys. One company to be best avoided!


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r32 was there when i went down, probally 2years ago. they'd just took engine out that week i think..... dark blue car yea?


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I'd speak to a solicitor, if your car was damaged whilst in their care then they have a duty of care to get it back to exactly the state it was in when you handed it over. If it was damaged then repaired you may even be able to claim dimunition, and claim for the time you were without a car.
Most companies would bend over backwards to help if the same situation occured, they sound like shisters.

Definately speak to a solicitor, I have an excellent motoring solicitor if you need a recommendation.


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I took my car there last November! it came out worse than it was! they are a bunch of tossers!


i rang westec for a laugh and asked them about a turbo intake pipe for my S3 and the guy told me ha diddnt no much about them but come down anyway so i sked how much to fit if i bought one and the said dont no never fitted one but £50 should cover if not then £75 would be more than enough so asked what the labour cherge was and he said it was all diferent depending on how hard the job was.........WHAT A LOAD OF ******.............


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That does not sound good mate. I had work done aswell they were ok apart from when i went to get stage 2 done on my car they locked my key in the car and it took them about 2 hours to find a way to get them out.
I also had an intercooler fitted and a full system exhaust i was going back the next day because my bonnet would not close properly. I also had a lightened flywheel and a sports clutch. A few days later i had my car on the ramps in work and the had not refitted the battery bracket back on it was just left on my engine bay. They did fix my car when a coil pack went down.I have not had any other problems with the parts they fitted. But after reading what you said i would never go back there again.
They are **** as far as i am concerned.
Many thanks chris


Thank god for Star :icon_thumright:

Someone should e-mail them this thread to see if they come on to defend themselves, then we can have a right laugh:laugh:


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Sounds like a truly awful place, glad I live far away from them!

Hiya Ming, just been speaking to your Rob couple of hours ago...what did you do to his hair?!? lol ;)


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im shocked on this thread ive never got on with westec and this sums them up a bunch of tossers i will post a link up on seat cupra net as every one raves about them hope you get things sorted mate


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mat20vt said:
r32 was there when i went down, probally 2years ago. they'd just took engine out that week i think..... dark blue car yea?

you sold the golf mat i did the tracking down at thrupp tyres


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Stewart said:
Sounds like a truly awful place, glad I live far away from them!

Hiya Ming, just been speaking to your Rob couple of hours ago...what did you do to his hair?!? lol ;)

Doesn't he look lush? :hubbahubba:he's gorgeous anyway :wub:


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stevegti6 said:
you sold the golf mat i did the tracking down at thrupp tyres
wish i had sold it mate. wrote off..... end of may. total write off. me got a bit smashed up too. was on front of citizen. didnt evan get to use all that power. hows yours? gone k03s aint u?


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sorry to hear that mate i didnt no i had a good look round it when i done the tracking looked proper bit of kit
yes i have gone ko3s its going back to jabba on july the 9th for custom remap and water injection
so wish id gone ko3s hybrid i want more power
a least your ok you can replace a car you cant replace yourself


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This thread has been posted on www.newportedition.com where loads of guys have had various work done there and I've only had a 5hr free trail remap last yr and also went to a RR day. Can't believe all the sh*te that goes on down there. That R32 was there aswell. I also had the story bout the 1000bhp show car!

All you guys from the South Wales area, come down to the club meet this Sunday (1st Sunday every month), I'm the only Audi there but won't be taking it this month - http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=40837. PM me for info.