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i took my car in for the emissions software update and some other software updates. i gave them the car nice and without any scratches. once i came back the next day i had two new scratches on the passenger side door. once i spoke to service manager oliver clayton, he said that it is no longer their responsibility because the car left their site. he also mentioned that the cctv images were not clear enough to see any damages done to the car & then later on in the conversation mentions the car was kept in a well lit area but somehow the cctv images aren't clear enough. they clearly don't care about the customers and their cars, i advise you avoid this place at all costs.

other than that does anyone know what to do in a situation like this? i've spoken to customer service and i'm awaiting a case manager to reply, but has anyone dealt with a situation like this before?

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Apparently, this is the largest Audi dealership in Europe. This means that, I think staff on the training has been taught, to treat people who brought their cars for service, repair or getting parts, like sh!t.
If you're buying the brand new car from them, it's a different story. They will jump around you like monkeys around banana tree and be so polite beyond imagination. They hardly need any lube to get into your ... rear.
Once the car is purchased, that's it. Done and dusted! Gtfo

Purchased few parts from them, some accessories and always receptionist was smiling politely to me, when was entering the showroom. As soon as I mention parts department, frown on the face with gentle head nod pointing the direction I should follow.

They are too big there and all they think about is commission.
Surely they have to work on the commission, otherwise they would not hump on you like that.

Going back to your question, I haven't been in this type of situation. Sorry.
Hope I never will.
This does hurt and I feel your pain.

My emission recall software update was done in Walton Audi where I could easily go to West London one.
This was the whole purpose, as find the staff in smaller dealerships more customer friendly.
Wasn't disappointed. Guy who served me, done a discount on the car diagnostic service (normally £60, did it £40) without me even asking for it and I got the Full set of Audi cleaning products in the branded bag as a thank you for choosing their dealership.
Couldn't get a courtesy vehicle so spend there about 3 hours. Took a look around on the range of cars in my liking (Q7 and A6) and hang my eyes on a nice blond sitting at her desk just above the waiting area Stunning girl.
Receptionists could've been nicer (and one of them younger) but hey, you can have it all. LoL

I would definitely check my car before collection (which personally I didn't) and any problems reported then and there.
Now I'm wiser, although it did not happened to me, luckily.

There was also a thread started here about NOT allowing the dealership to wash your car after service or repair.
This is actually a great idea.
Drop a card on the dash by the windscreen, another one by the gear leaver and well inform staff about it. Problem should've been avoided that way.
Next time I will do this way.

You should continue with this claim to them and be adamant that it was them who did it.
Maybe, they will decide to rectify it foc.

Good luck.

Keep is posted

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Start, will ya!!!
Well I think he's got good cause to complain, even if it is he's first post, I'd be well pi££ed if it was my car, and he is only asking for some advice after all


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Get on to the dealer principal (Big Boss) and complain to him , keep a log of all the calls and conversations , it might not do any good but it may help .


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As above - contact the dealer principal directly.

If nothing comes of this, contact Audi UK via Twitter - they are quick to respond to these types of public complaints.

Been to West London Audi several times and have nothing good to say about how I was treated at service, new tyre fitting (refused to honor the prices on the Audi UK website) and their sales staff know NOTHING about their product (was told new A4 252 TFSI was a V6 and, by another sales chap that the new S4 had 454hp).

I get the overall feeling that they don't care and will still sell cars and get service work regardless, just because of the location.


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Reading this and seeing other bad reviews online makes me glad that I deliberately get my car serviced when I am working at home in Sussex rather than at work - as this dealership would likely be the nearest to work.

I've never really been to a dealership in the prestige class that goes above/beyond unless you are sending some serious money their way. Which was most difficult when I was looking around for a company car lease and most dealerships pretty much turned their nose up when I wanted a test drive / more info!