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Werkstat Acrylic Prime

_GRP_ Apr 22, 2020

  1. _GRP_

    _GRP_ Q3 S-Line

    Just been going through my car cleaning/detailing kit and came across a bottle of Werkstat Acrylic Prime. Not sure how familiar that brand will be to many?

    I bought it when I had my silver A3 as it was recommended by Polished Bliss to really bring the paintwork to life.

    In a nutshell before I put on EBay wondered if anyone wanted it here... perfect for silver, white or light metallic colours.

    Give it a google if you want clarification on the product.

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  3. Bristle Hound

    Bristle Hound Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    @_GRP_ - You have a PM :thumbs up:
    Love this stuff - was one of the 1st products I used when I started car detailing proper in 2009

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