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I haven't been on the forums for some months. It would seem the RS4.org site is gone. Is this correct?

I am considering replacing the suspension on my 97 S4. I'm convinced the rear shocks are not working correctly having had the rear end checked out for a strange rear end sideways skip on crossing certain manhole covers. (No the manholes are not loose.) I've had both Audi and a local specialist check out the 4 wheel alignment and an MOT carried out by a Mazda dealership. None found any fault. Therefore, I figure the bushes and shocks may just be the worse for wear given the stock ride is fairly hard. However, the car has exhibited this alarming skip since 34K. Now at 50K I feel the car is a tad 'loose' and rough as far as suspension action is concerned. I pplan to strip the whole lot down and check out all the ball joints, bushes, shocks etc. Yes a major operation. But It's really starting to niggle me. I have the option to upgrade to genuine Audi RS4 suspension for £900. Does anyone know for sure if this is a straight forward swap? Is the track wider therefore requiring the wider wheel arches?

Would I be better buying an aftermarket kit from the likes of Koni etc. If so, does anyone have any advice/experience on the best kit out there?


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Thanks for the info Thorney,

I've got AMD on the case for quotes and options. Apparently they are a week behind on email at the mo.

Unfortunately for me I live in Aberdeen so AMD are not an easy option. I simply don't trust my local dealership to carry out the job to my satisfaction and at £75/hr I'm not prepared to take the chance. Hopefully I've amassed enough experience on cars over the years. Granted next to nothing on Audi's. But I've bought the Erwin manuals and have all the tools and space with the exception of the correct alingment. Which I could have Star performance carry out. Not sure if he can check camber angles?

I've heard somewhere that Audi have a special alingment test that checks the car under breaking. Is this correct?