Weird ticking/knocking noise cold engine 2.0TDI CR


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Hi fellas,

As stated in the title, I have a ticking/knocking sound on cold start ups. The ticking disappears when driven for 5-10 minutes and heated up.

Also when the engine isn't fully warmed up, the engine hesitates to rev up and starts to lose power and suddenly the whole car starts to vibrate.

What could be the symptoms on this?

This is not the "normal" diesel ticking noise, as my friends same car sounds normal on an cold start.

It sounds exactly like on this video I found on youtube:
Some are mentioning the Clima compressor and the dual mass flywheel, but what do you think?

Any input would be greatly appreciated



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As weird as it sounds, the ticking noise disappeared after I remapped my car and got 185HP/420NM. Very happy with the results.