Weird noise on start up


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Recently took ownership of a 2010 1.8TFSI A3 Sportback and I have this weird noise it gives on start up. I did a bit of a Google and saw a few saying its quite common, but its still bugging me so thought I'd ask here for any other comments. I've got a recording which isn't the best but gives a bit of an idea, can hear it kick in about 12.5 seconds in.

I've got to take it in under warranty as it's drinking through oil at the minute :-( but wasn't sure if this is normal or not and is something else which needs mentioning at the same time?



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It's quite difficult to hear but my previous A3 1.8TFSI (09) made a similar noise; only on startup and typically the first start of the day. It turned out to be the alternator pulley clutch. Replaced that and the belt at the same time and it was all good. Get someone to start the car while you're looking/listening to the alternator.
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