Weird driving feeling...


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OK this is going to sound random...

Anyone else get a strange feeling that their car is just going anywhere on the road of it's own accord?

Would this have anything to do with tracking?

Also, every now and again, there's a slight clunk from rear at low speed, may be a sloshing from the tank but can't tell, can anyone else confirm whether the A4 Sport 1.9 TDi has any suspension issues etc?

Thanks again...



dont like the sound of that.. and no, not experienced any of that in 43k in my A4 sport 1.9tdi..

obviously in the sport you are more aware of camber and other road issues, theres definately more steering feedback and feel than in the SE, but I assume thats not what you're referring to..

I would definately start with having it checked at a proper centre - so what if it costs a little ££ thats got to be better than not being in control, its your life at risk!!

Probably worth it even just for the peace of mind!


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I've booked it in to have the tracking checked. It may be off... however, it doesn't pull


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Do the A4's have rear suspension bushes that are prone to going wrong or rotting? Like a knocking suspension arm or maybe a loose exhaust rubber?


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I was thinking of a similar post, I get the thud when going slowly, feels like the brake shoes moving a bit? Re susp probs, i know the B5 had "issues". I've got a real squeak from the load bay area, thought it could be scuttle shake type thing when going on funny cambers or potholes, beginning to think suspension bushes squeaking..roll bar?
it happens at low and high speed, tried spraying WD40 on trim edges inside boot, no change.
may have no news for a while, off on honeymoon /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif


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On the way home last night i was happening again, slight thud, but it only EVER happens at very low speeds, around 5 mph.

Everynow and again, the brake thingy beeps at me.

Just had new rear pads fitted at a stealership.. still the same!

It's liveable, just annoying!