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Weird clutch issue this morning.

Sematic Nov 7, 2018

  1. Sematic

    Sematic Member

    This morning I was on a downhill slip road stationary for around 5mins max, I had my foot on the clutch and the car was in 1st gear with my right foot on the brake ready for when the traffic started moving. When engaging the clutch and getting to the bite point it seemed very low down, lower than usual and the pedal would not rise any higher and it seemed stuck the the floor. Immediately I was concerned and eye balling the safest place to pull over. Then when pressing on the clutch and going into 2nd gear it was still the same. Tried 1st again from standing start and again the same thing happened. Since the initial time it happened the clutch pedal wouldn’t rise until I put my foot under it, forced it and then it all seemed back to normal. Nothing felt any different.

    For the next 20miles I was driving very cautiously but everything seemed fine.

    I’m in Leeds now but need to drive it back home to north Manchester later, there is no issues but obviously worried. I’m gonna take it for a spin on lunch see how it is.

    Car is a4 sline be+ 15 plate. 65k on clock, has had new clutch kit at 25k due to flywheel judder. 2.0 tdi

    Anyone got any idea what could be wrong and if it sounds like the start of the clutch going then I really need to know so I can make plans for the next 6 months to either save a couple of K for the new clutch and labour or invest in a new car.
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  3. PenttisHSR

    PenttisHSR Active Member Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group Manual

    Slave cylinder
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  4. Sematic

    Sematic Member

    Thanks my boss reckons that as well. There’s a motorsport mechanic circuit near the circuit at work may get him to take a look. If not I’ll find an Audi specialist too.
  5. Meemo

    Meemo Well-Known Member Supercharged Audi S5 Black Edition

    maybe a release bearing? we have a battered old a3 for ratting around and the biting point moves on it depending on the incline of the road, other times the pedal gets stuck down and a good boot to the peddle brings it back up, is a release bearing, only reason i mention it is you say it feels like it is stuck down, or slave cylinder as PenttisHSR says.
    fingers crossed it is the cheaper of the possible fail points!

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