weekend car, thoughts on these?


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Apr 11, 2017
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hi all, been looking at weekend cars, love my s3 as a daily but ive got to the stage in life where i dont want to be too old to have a sports car and look back and think i wish i had bought it earlier.

so ive narrowed it down to two 2 or 3 cars. Budget of around 16k and will be used for weekend or odd days to drive to work.

Mercedes SL 55 AMG love these but cant seem to get a decent one at that budget
Porsche Caymen this is my current favourite although i want it in red
Porsche Boxer not sure on the drop top

anyone offer any advice on these three, owned them, or have them

Nopersonal experience but would have to be Cayman for me, looks better/newer than the Merc plus has more roof and less stigma than the Boxster.

Merc does make some nice numbers on the stats sheet though...
You want open air driving for a weekend sportscar - Porsche Boxster
1st Cayman Merc 2nd for me, the Boxster is the ultimate hairdresser car
Either of the Porches would be a great weekend car.

The SL just seems more of a fancy daily or long distance GT.
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I like the Cayman. My mate had the 2.7 and it was a great car. Only thing I would say is I had the TTS at the time (which for an extra £300 was running 320bhp on a stage 1 map), and we both preferred this over the porsche. It felt a nicer place to be and looked more modern, and was quicker. However the sound of that Porsche engine behind your head is very good!!!

For £16k you would get a very nice TTS or if you pushed it slightly you are getting into TTRS territory.......now they are quick :icon thumright:

Either way though, the Cayman is still a nice car!

Cayman would be my choice or a 996 911. Either way - happy hunting!
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Well I have to say , one is never too old to own a sports car, it's a state of mind .
I have had a fair few over the years but now I find i'm getting older I have more time to appreciate them, insurance is lower , I have more time to enjoy driving them and I have more cash to waste on them.
There is a lot to be said for being 55 these days, life starts at 50 really.
Go with what you really want, only you know what it is.
good luck chap.
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If you need any help with insurance for any of the vehicles you are looking at then please feel free to drop me a line.
We have a number of schemes that cater for these types of vehicles as a 2nd car with lower annual mileage.

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