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Evening people thought I'd get some late night help

So as some you may know it just had to replace my flywheel and clutch, now before you all go into saying why didn't I uprate it all now I didn't have much of a choice as the car was taking up a ramp at work and the manager was winging at me to get it off and sorted and wouldn't wait the days it would take for the parts to turn up...

But the point of this thread is to see what steps I should go with first in performance mods??

I'm not looking for major power upgrade but seeing what I should go for first etc....

I'm looking at a full TBE milltek aswel as a camcoat revo induction but is anything else should look for (obv apart from the remap as that's already in pipeline be done)


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Don't stress to much mate!

Mine made stage 1 and 2 and clutch was fine ..........2+ however Instant slipping lol!! So had to Upgrade to new Sach's Organic and new LUK flywheel

Stage 1 and Intake will bring the Girl alive :)


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As above,from a stock car,Stg1 does make a difference.

Driveability improves,and torque is better,meaning you don't have to thrash it through the gears as much.

Some of us have found that the clutch will last at Stg2,and others not...at Stg2,my clutch began to slip,and I replaced it with a Sachs.


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Mine started slipping with just the BCS Powervalve and Revo intake before it was mapped but I think this was more unusual than most who seem to be fine to at least stage 1

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If you would like any quotes on the Milltek or I could offer a Scorpion system also please pm me or feel free to contact me on 01522 717100


Pat @ LVSR