Waxoyl-ing my S3 - any advice?

The Doctor

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Hi guys, I'm planning to Waxoyl my 2003 S3 over the Christmas break. I know the car is/was under-sealed from the factory but over time I'm sure this wears off/gets scuffed off as repair/servicing work is done & bits & pieces get caught on the floorpan. No point keeping the paintwork nice & shiny if it's rusting away underneath.

My intention is to seal under the car itself (avoiding exhaust/brakes obviously), behind the wheel arch liners & within the doors/rear panels.

A few questions before I start though;

Anyone else done this?

Will the Waxoyl affect the original under-seal? Wouldn't have thought so but worth checking.

What's the best way to access the doors/rear panels? Will I have to remove the interior trim or are there any cunning access points (eg. bolt holes etc)?



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Car was galvanised from the factory so shouldn't need it, however it might just be worth checking if there is any exposed metal around the jacking points etc.


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As above, it shouldn't be required. Thats a job for the likes of Landrovers etc, not modern Audi's!


hmmmmm interesting.
agree, i just check the underneath of mine about once a year - years on and still looks mint...

jacking points are the only areas that have been scuffed but even the bear metal there doesn't seem to rust - didnt know they were galvanized.

The Doctor

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OK then, I'll have a good look around underneath & decide what to do. I'd have thought that over time the dreaded rust would appear, but if not then I'll save the cash & avoid the hassle. Cheers!