Wax / Polish Applicators


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Hi All,

What's good for applying wax / polish?

I'm currently looking at either the Chemical Guys Gripper, Dodo Juice Super Natural finger mitt, or basics of bling applicator.

Currently I've got some Halfords polish applicators, and polishing cloths but I now want something decent!


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I'm no expert by any means but the kits and instructions from the sticky mention microfibre applicator pads that are the round versions, which are used for wax/polish application by hand. Polished bliss and Juicy detailing both have a selection on their website.

You may also want to look into a machine polisher but only if you can justify the cost of it. The finish is meant to also have better depth compared to hand applications from what Jen mentioned in another post.

I think if your yet to buy any products yet, look at the pre-packaged kits for the job on the above websites, as they work out better value and all the goods are there. If using a machine you may need to buy additiona polishing,l backing pads etc

Juicy Jen

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The CG Gripper is more for liquid products such as glazes (non filling), liquid sealants and waxes.

For polish and filler products a Microfibre applicator such as the BOB one mentioned is good as you have much more texture to help work the product in.

For the usual waxes hard/soft/paste a foam applicator is better such as the SN finger mitt. This allows the product to stay on the surface rather than sinking within the fibres of a Microfibre applicator or cloth.

John @ PB

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You'll use less product and get a more even coverage with a pad than by hand.

A foam pad is best as the product sits on the face of the pad and can then be more evenly distributed across the surface.

These are my favourite pads for applying wax: Blackfire Ultimate Applicator Pad | Blackfire Car Care & Detailing Products

They're larger so sit in your hand better and are made from a very soft foam.



foam pad applicators are the way forward for applying wax or polish make sure they have been lightly soaked to help with putting on the polish or wax.

megs applicators are what i use all the time never had any bad results from them also they are good price


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i use the soft foam pads also but find giving them a quick mist of water and keeping them damp helps me apply thin layers of wax/polish which is easier to remove later.

Less waste of product and even coverage that way.