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Water under passenger footwell

sherry477 Feb 5, 2017

  1. sherry477

    sherry477 Registered User

    Hi removed my passenger side trim to retrofit footwell lights. Discovered that the foam? under the carpet was soaked in water going from the sill to the centre console. The driver and rear footwells are fine and dry. My question is what are the possible causes of this? The car was a Cat D and the previous owner replaced the passenger wing and door and also windscreen if that helps. Also my rear screen washer does not seem to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

    Audi A3 2010 Sportback BE
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  3. splbound

    splbound Registered User

    Check the air conditioner evaporator drain hose that is hasn't gotten dislodge or blocked.
    Should be located under center console near transmission tunnel. You will need to remove some trim panels to get to the area.
    If you can find out where the pipe drains under the car you can try to see if it is blocked through that way.

    Part# 30 on here:
  4. SootySport

    SootySport Registered User

    More likely the pollen filter housing leaking or the filter blocked. If not, the windscreen, door seal leaking. You need a bright light in the footwell and look for tell tale signs off water droplets and trace back to the source of the leak. If the wet bits taste sweet then you have a coolant leak from the heater rad.

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