Water spots on silver roof rails ?

As per title, my 8V S3 has (9 months old) has developed what looks like water spotting on the silver roof rails. Not really noticeable till you are up close but annoying when the rest of the car is nigh on perfect due to Gtechniq treatment and Xpel paint protection film.

I've tried metal polish to no avail. Any ideas guys ?

Edit: It's surprising to me given that the water here up in Ecosse is fairly soft so less likely to leave marks (as I understand it).


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Try a normal polish like P1? Worth a shot?

chris fry

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its highly likely they are alluminium, either anodised or treated with a clear coat protector. so metal polish isn't going to work as its not getting through to the metal. I have similar problem with the windscreen pillars on the cabriolet, i have found polishing with a mild polishing compound works like this-

or a autoglym super resin polish.

then go over with wax for a bit of protection.

unfortunately its not a permanent fix but will last a couple of months before it needs doing again.

its something to do with the absorbency of the top coat, a bit like stainless steel if you go over it with baby oil it will look fine, it just doesn't stay like that for long.
Thanks guys. I have a brand new bottle of the Megs Ultimate Compound and some Autoglym SRP too. I'll try them and see how it goes.
Plenty of choice of waxes/sealants to put on top......
I don't mind re-doing it every couple of months - just needs to be added to the routine :)
Away this weekend in the other mota but will have a go next week and report back......if I can remember how to post a photo :flushed: - don't think I've done any since car was new back in Sept.15......good excuse for a proper clean though !