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Water Methanol Injection kits

OCDetails Aug 12, 2018

  1. OCDetails

    OCDetails Site Sponsor Site Sponsor TFSI Owners Group Team Sepang Audi S1 Manual

    Anyone running a meth kit on their S1?

    after this weekend my S1's first dyno day at Awesome GTI she managed 383hp / 386lbft - 291.25hp per tonne.

    now they said i had 6 or .6 degrees of advance timing. (will be confirming this once logs come over). and then ill be leasing with Revo HQ to solve that issue. my goal was 400hp and im determined to get there no matter what. water meth is the only thing i can think of thats not been done as yet.

    anyone got experiance with this on an S1? IMG_3798.jpg
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  3. Bluepower

    Bluepower Active Member

    WMI is always a good thing! I'm selling a brand new AEM 30-3300 kit with TFSI throttle body spacer! Send me a message if interested!

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