Water leak


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Evening all,

My A4 has developed a water leak. It's using about an expansion bottle of water every 200 miles.

I've had a good look around the pipes and radiator and cannot see a leak. There's also no water in the oil that i can see.

I've got a horrible feeling it could be the water pump because the car makes a belt squeal when the car is started in the morning.

My question is, does anyone know how long i can push my luck and drive the car for or is it a potential time bomb waiting to go off.

I'm booking it into a garage asap but it's 60 miles away. It's been like this for about 3 weeks now and i've just been topping the water up.

Thanks for your advice in advance,


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if its not coming out it could be going through!
does it steam a lot when you start it up or under load/overun?
any mayonaise in the coolant bottle??

have a look down the back of the head/block. thats a common place for leaks


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No, no steam that i've noticed.

There's nothing in the coolant bottle or when looking under the oil cap. I've had a good look around and couldn't see anything obvious leakage wise.

Also tried looking underneath but couldn't see much due to the plastic guard.

I'm going to stop driving it for now and get it booked into the garage asap.



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Urgh dont use that kinda stuff if you can help it, it just clogs everything up!

Have a look round all the pipe connections, if its leaking you should see crusty white deposits.

Remove the undertray and take a look at the water pump. If its knackered theres a little hole on the front the water will come out of. It might only leak when the engines under pressure, so fill the tank, drive the car round the block to warm it up and then park up. Leave the engine running and start looking around/underneath.

Might also be the rad itself or even the actual expansion bottle can crack and leak.


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Never, ever, ever use that crap! It does clog things up and invariably makes things worse in the long run... trust me!