water leak


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Returned home from work today to find the windscreen of my 98 t sport really condensated up. It wouldnt have been long before it started running down the screen. Anywho, lifted the over mat in the drivers footwell and run my hand through it, and its wet!!!!

I didnt use the car last week, so dont know how long its been like that.

In my last car (E36) i had to strip the inside to take the carpet out (one piece put in before everything else) due to a water leak and i really dont fancy doing that to this car. It looks way better put together.

Any ideas as to where the water is coming from? AS usual when i get problems, its always getting dark by the time i get home. And i cant currently get the car off the street as access to my garage is currently seriously restricted!

The passenger footwell felt ok.

I also found water in the spare wheel well too. Now how did that get in there? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

Does anyone know how long you can not have insurance and still keep your no knocks?

Thanks for your help.



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Someone else posted about bad condensation today in the A3/S3 forum, might be worth a look.

If the dampness was in the passenger footwell (like mine before) I'd consider looking at the drain in the pollen filter housing, but as it's in the drivers side I'm not sure...

And I *think* NCB can last for upto 2 years.



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Ok if Sunroof fitted then blow the drain pipe out with a airgun.

If an Avant check the washer pipes as they may have split.


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Mines a saloon, with a sunroof. Will try pouring some water down the drain holes. and will also have a look underneath the car for drain plugs and gaps for water exits.

A3 S3 forum not so useful but the reminiscing about first car and how much fun we had in them was cool.

If only it wasnt dark when we get home from work these days..........

Thanks for the replies. THe NCB question was incase we go down to being a one car family. We would have to swap who was insuring the car each year or something.

Safe driving.



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I had this when I had a b5 some time back. The water was not draining out of the engine bay behind the firewall.. (where the battery is, nothing to do with your pc!)..
There are rubber grometts at the bottom and for some reason this area was gathering water. It was then tracking along the heater pipes inside the car...
I just punched a hole in one of the rubber gromets at the bottom and it went away... I sold the car not long after to xvw!... He hasnt had the problem since so it must have fixed it!...


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i found water in that area when i washed the car one time. I cleared one of the bungs and removed the other completely. Havent lifted the bonnet to check. Will have a look tomorrow in the daylight.

Am thinkin i might move it on once its dry. We'll see.


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If you are getting water in the boot then another place to check for leaks can be the rear window bonding. Mine went causing water damage to the central locking module. To check this, push the window glass from the inside of the car, if it moves then the bonding has gone.


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thanks for the tip. Any suggestions on drying the carpet out? if i could avoid removing it all the better.

Hopefully have some time this weekend to investigate further.