Water leak into cabin


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My wife's A1 has a lot of water gathering in the driver side footwells, front and back. Has anybody had anything similar, or any idea where to start looking?

The car is only 16 months old and this is the second time we've had a leak into the cabin. Last year it went back to Audi who found a seal missing around the rear speakers in the door card.

I would just put it back to them this time but we live on an island which means it will cost a fortune and waste days. Audi won't entertain the idea of collecting the car regardless how much we bitch and moan. Unimpressed is an understatement, we specifically went for a brand new car to avoid this kind of thing!


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Wasn’t an A1, but when I had water in the footwell on another car, it was coming through the windscreen seal.

Hope this might be some help.



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Same here, my previous Seat Leon (still a VAG car) had the same and it was the soft rubber seals in the door frame itself which leaked into the front footwell then ran down and pooled into the rear.


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Maybe check the profile of the inner door seals to make sure that both side and/or front and rear openings all look the same, someone on the new Polo forum thinks their issue was due to the inner seal not fitted correctly either at factory or due to disturbance by the owner themselves.

VW Group small cars with leaks through the doors was very common at one time, especially with Skoda Fabias due to the way the window lifter assemblies are fixed to the door's inner skin.


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Hi all,

Thanks for the replies, I've been back and forth with them taking your suggestions into consideration. After I had a closer look at it I found the door card wasn't fitted properly after the last time they had it. They claimed in November to have found the leak and put it down to the seal around the speaker on the rear drivers door. but a few weeks ago we found the footwell to be soaking again. Yet again I found the door card wasn't fitted properly and this time there was glue all over the trim...

It's been back with them for 2 weeks now and they claim they can't recreate the leak, so they want to send us the car back. I'm really unimpressed, first of all they called us to ask if anybody else had been working on it because they door card had been glued. Now I get the impression they've lost all interest, and my concern is that we'll get the car back and it will let water in yet again...

I'd really like to reject the car but because the service center claim they can't recreate the problem AFS won't do accept our claim. I feel like we're now going to be stuck paying for a mouldy car and there's nothing we can do about it.