Water in rear passenger side foot-well !!!!


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:wtf:Just went to hoover my mats and as above the mat and carpet are soaked.
All the other foot-wells are fine and dry, and all my windows were shut,
I'm assuming one of my rubber seals has deteriorated, will it be the one around the rear passenger side door?
Obviously it has been p*ssing down over the last couple of days, with high winds.........................:(:crying:

Any thoughts



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Could be that u'll have to take up the floor to check because i had the same problem on mine.

Basicially a number of issues:

The carpet is sealed from water so water on top easy fix, dry it!

If however the carpet is wet underneath too then the problem is different and the carpet will need taking up and drying as the front and back footwels are linked and the ECU sits in the front, and water doesn't help it atall!

Windows and locks went buzurk and opened and closed by themselves.

If this is the issue check the windscreen scuttle pannel is sealed properly to the windscreen as water can leak under and in through the cabin air intake.

Also check the drain plug in the scuttle pannel as water can build up here too.

Hope this helps