Water In Rear Foot Well A6 Avant


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Hello All, I was checking on this site for solution to this issue and read a few simular issue. But heres the symptom, cause and solution.

Symptoms - Water in foot well behind front seat, passenger side.

Cause - Blocked rain water drainage under car battery.

Solution - Remove cover that covers the battery/air con filter, just clips, then remove battery, under the battery holder you will see two drainage points. Mine were blocked by dirt and twigges. Just simply push your finger or if your a blouse something else down the hole and the water will flow stright out. Mine had about 4 litres of water in it, unrreal.:rockwoot:


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I had same problem. All those out there you must do exactly as ZPAGE instructs FAST, if too much water builds up it will flood your transmission control unit (£500) which sits under Right front seat. This is not a rare problem, why is such an expensive, important & sensitive box of chips put in such a stupid place @!"£$! ?


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I too have had the water by the battery causing wet front nearside footwell. However, I have just had another wet footwell problem. The rear nearside footwell has been very wet following the recent cold weather and this occurred at the time that the rear wash stopped working. Tracing the rear washer pipe revealed that it had come apart under the kick plate of the front door. The washer fluid then found its way into the rear footwell as well as the front. So if the battery compartment is draining OK, wet footwells can occur from the rear wash pipe coming adrift.


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Bear in mind if the channel just below the lip of the windscreen is dirty (the one under the windscreen wiper trim), water will get in through the pollen filter housing and straight down into your blower motor. Just another avenue for leakage.... Any more out there?


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Here's a pic of the space beneath the front passenger footwell on my 2006 A6 Avant which is at the dealer tonight after the rear washer stopped functioning during the cold snap. I am not a happy camper!