Water in Fog Lights



Over the weekend I'm sure you'll remember it rained just a little!! Well around here in the south east (Sussex) a number of puddles formed. My A4 cabriolet put its other hat on (Sub-mariners hat) and handled the puddles well, however I noticed yesterday that the fog lights had 4-5mm water in them. Does anyone have any idea of how to remove the water? The car is a 2008 Cabriolet special edition with the S Line styling pack. Are there drain holes in the back of the lights for condensation? Has the water remained in the lights because my drive is on a slope and so the front of the car is pointing down hill? Is a simple option to turn the car round for a day and let it drain back out.




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I don't know anything about condensation holes etc, but I would have removed the light, carefully pulled the bulb out, drained the light and dried it and put it back together, I'm not too comfortable knowing there is water splashing about near wires. I swapped my bulbs last week and it was pretty simple to get the part out.

It's a matter of tugging the fog grill out, undoing 2 screws and pulling the bulb out, almost identical to this:


Hope that helps if there is no other easier solution!


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Are there drain holes in the back of the lights for condensation?

There aren't drain holes as such, just a rubber covered air vent to prevent condensation.

I'd remove the lamp, then the bulb and poor the water out of the bulb holder hole - then dry them with a hair dryer before reassembling :thumbsup: