Water in drivers footwell


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Hi, I went a had a look at a very nice new shape 2004 Audi A6 today but upon inspection i found that there was alot of water in the footwell on the drivers side. Any ideas on what can cause this and if it can cause any electrical damage anywhere. I have heard the older versions had a common problem with blocked drain plugs would this still be an issuse on the newer ones. Thanks

Cockney Boy

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Yes chances are its a blocked drain plug. The damage depends on how much water and for how long it has been leaking. Personally i wouldnt touch it. There are plenty more Audi A6's about.


Vorsprung Durch Technik


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have a look under the battery there is a drain hole just poke down it and it will clear your flood of water it is right under your battery so you might have to move the battery over a bit note this is on all C5's usually full of leaves and twiggs have fun, now you know it wiil be clear for years.:rockwoot::o.k::yahoo::rock::beerchug::kissmyrings: