Water getting in..


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Evenin' all
I discovered my spare wheel well had about 10mm of water in it today, looked like it had been sitting there a while too. Also the foam box that houses the central locking pump was sopping too and the little storage box above it was also wet .
Has anyone had this? I just can't figure out where it's come from. The carpet is not wet & the back lights seem sealed ok. I just can't figure it out.


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I noticed water in that well last winter, and on the carpet too. It was probably less than 10mm though, maybe 5. Was worried there was a leak and spent ages taking everything out from the boot and drying it all out, eventually it stayed dry so there can't have been an actual leak.

I did notice that sometimes when I opened the boot after it had rained, a fair bit of water dripped from the edge of the lid into the open boot, that could have been ending up in the well and not drying out because of the cold, and being made worse by condensation.

If you think there is a leak, one suggestion I've seen is to put powder down around the edges, and running water will leave a mark in it.