washer tank and motor problem

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sumit really stupid but i cant figure out.

this is for the 1.8turbo so any1 who has got one or knows bout em plz help.

i was messin wiv washer tank cuz the bak washer isnt workin, i pulled out the motor on the tank in the engine, it was quite stiff but cum out. now it wont go in at all there is nothing to it to clip into ive luked around and there doesnt luk like anything is broke or missing. when u fill the tank it jus [censored] out cuz the motor aint in propa, n it is important cuz the last few weeks ive used em loads cuz ov the wet weather n dirt on the road. any1 help? is it a complete unit n shudnt be messed with? where can i go to show sum1?


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Dec 8, 2004
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It should push back in, there is a rubber O ring around the part that pushes back in. I would just remove the whole tank and if your missing the rubber O ring it should be cheap to replace. If you cant I would dry yhe tank and use a high quality silicone to seal pump in place.