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Hi everyone new to the forum.

Just thought id mention if you have existing audi warranty it is definitely worth getting extended warranty in that time frame that your existing one runs out. Your given a discounted rate for warranty. Paid £603 no excess for all components cover on my Audi A7 2016. You can choose your own excess but bare in mind if you get more than one job done in the year its worth having no excess.

Hope this helps anyone looking into getting warranty through Audi.


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Good advice although I did not realise it is cheaper to get it whilst within the original warranty. Pretty sure I checked mine during and it was no different to now (£1k upwards for my A7 2015/6 FL 3.0 Quattro) so maybe its changed now.

Warranty is one of those hit and miss things. With my A6 C6, I renewed the warranty annually and kept the car for almost 7 years hitting almost 85k and I used every bit of the warranty.
The second A6 C7 was a lemon so returned but the third, I had it only while under the original 3 years. I then sold it to a friend who had to use the original warranty once and now its out of warranty, a number of things have popped up that warranty would have fixed.

Fast forward to my A7, it's 5 years old going on 6, did not renew warranty and so almost 3 years without it...but I have not had the need to use it as (touch wood) everything has been working really well. Had I renewed, I would be out of pocket by a fair bit.

I've just checked and mine comes at £1102.71 for the year or £95.22 a month - no excess, all components for 10k or less mileage.

Still, at £603, I might have been more tempted!


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Yeh it has to continue from an existing policy for you to get the discounted rate. So when you recieve notification that its due for renewal they then send you the quote. Ive used mine had the mechatronic replaced and a shock absorber replaced. Common fault is the mechatronics failing but a lovely car to drive.