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Warranty repairs. Hate this car now

waxhead38 May 27, 2018

  1. waxhead38

    waxhead38 New Member

    Think i regret buying my 2016 a6 avant. Should of kept my b7 a4

    All was fine until i booked the car in with audi due to o/s/f cv joint was clicking at 21,000 miles this was done under warranty, took 3 days to repair. Partner Brings vehicle home to discover deep scratches in passengers wing and washer jet hanging down due to them making adjustments?
    Also aircon was intermittent, car handbrake failed to release occasionally along with gear lever not unlocking from P position (auto)

    Took car back to them and made a complaint about damage and want it repaired along with other faults that have appeared. They booked it in and arranged a hire car too.

    Fast forward to that day and partner takes vehicle to audi handed over keys and was given a audi a4, filthy inside and out and when asked why was tood they didnt have time. So she gets in the car to discover engine management light on, no screenwash and drivers seat doesnt move.
    They then replaced this with a new a4 which was fine.
    So they have the car for a few days. I receive a phone call to say they have experienced the handbrake fault along with gearbox fault and have repaired both of these. The aircon fault they wasnt willing to repair with out me paying £500 to run a new wire from pressure sensor to fusebox? Also not willing to respray the passengers wing but will get a bodyshop bloke to polish it out the best they could.

    Anyway cut a long story short partner collects car again to be told the car has to be brought back to repair gearbox as they dont have the part in yet! When he said to me on the phone that he has sorted it? Wing was polished and is ok although has buffer trials in the paint which i managed to remove.
    Car lost a few settings i guess they did a software rest or something
    I have looked at the aircon today and fault code on the pressure sensor. Ran a new signal wire to junction box in passenger footwell and fault code dissapears but still compressor fails to run but there is another fault saying no basic setting on the heater system go to perform these settings but locked out? I guess another audi thing to get them the job out of it.
    The break in the wire is somewhere in the a pillar this is surely a warranty repair item? Is it worth a email to head office audi rather than the rude staff at the exeter branch?
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  3. Simonb1975

    Simonb1975 Guest

    Yes, no joy at the dealership. Get everything written down and go over their heads to Audi CS or Audi UK. The cars in warranty so stand your ground and make some demands.
  4. jetty

    jetty Active Member Team V6 Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group Black Edition quattro S-line owners group

    I wouldn't bother with Audi UK. Waste of time, obnoxious people to deal with. If you aren't satisfied with the current dealership, find another. Amazing how different the service level between franchises is!

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