Warranty Direct - Worth it?


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Hi Guys, the sensible side of me has made me consider an extended warranty due to my a3 2.0tdi just turning at 100k and growing increasingly concerned about my turbo due to the mileage!

Warranty direct offered me full cover, including wear and tear, (turbo included) for £479, they then called me back and offered it me for £429, and the option to pay £50 to reduce my excess to £0 for 50% of parts cost.

Now i know on paper this seems worth it, but does anyone have any experience of said company?





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I wouldn't touch any extended waranty with a bargepole. In my experiences they only cover so much. For example if your turbo goes bang and the bill to sort it is £700 you normally find they have a limit on a claim against that component of £300. Read the ssmall print and ask for it all to be sent to you in writing so you can check through exactly what is covered and for what.


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Got one on my wifes Clio. You have to use halfords autocentres, which if the car is still driveable you don't get a courtesy car, so after paying for cabs both ways and the excess, plus the policy cost didn't make much savings vs the cost of repairs.
However given the potential cost of turbo going I would potentially get it.


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More worrying over the cost factor is having to take the car to a halfords auto centre. Do you not get a choice? I wouldnt let those spanner monkeys change a bulb on my Audi.


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Think so otherwise its more money. ..


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I think I read somewhere that Warranty direct wont cover cars with over 100k ?? on a slightly different note, the AA have garage cover on one of their breakdown policy's, once the vehicle has been recovered to a garage they will normally only pay out around £500 per claim, and are normally quite reliable on paying out, unlike some other warranty companies which will find loopholes under 'normal wear and tear'.


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ok cool, i may look at AA.

WD have offered me 0 excess on all claims for £50, and i told them my milegae was 100'580 and they were cool and said it comes on the "under 100k" policy... hmmm


i have AA warranty on all my vehicles, providing you are a member of some sort in regards to breakdown, i believe the first vehicle works out at £8 a month, for all 3 vehicles i pay £12 a month, you are entitled to claim 5 x £500 per vehicle and providing the AA inspect the problem before hand, you are free to take it to any LTD company to have it fixed, the only downside is that there is a £25 claim, they have a list of items you are covered by on their website on a pdf, very clear and if you are unsure you can always call them

i pay £45 a month for a family (4 people) breakdown cover with home start, onward journey etc etc (basically top one) with warranty on all 3 of my vehicles

RS4 turbo fails, £3,000 to fix, AA pays £500, i pay £2,500 = saved £500

Ducati 1098 alternator goes, £350 to fix, AA pays £325, i pay £25 = saved £325

RS4 Steering rack leaks, £1,000 to fix, AA pays £500, i pay £500 = saved £500

total saving on just 3 claims would be £1,325, deduct the £144 (12 x £12) i pay for the parts / labour warranty and i've still saved £1181

and remember, you can make up to 5 claims a year per vehicle, you can even claim on dead batteries !!!


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i used the aa warranty many times and they where great and cant fault them !