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Hi Guys,

I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience making a claim with Warranty Direct? I took out a policy just to protect against the BLB oil pump & balance shaft failure. I've had to wait the standard 3 months for the wear & tear cover to take effect - this starts on 1st Dec. So now i'm wondering whether I can make a claim for some work that needs doing?

At my last service/MOT it was highlighted by Audi that the rear ARB bushes need doing and one of the bleed nipples has snapped on one of the front calipers. I believe these are both covered by warranty direct policies and for the caliper Audi will most likely want me to buy a new one! So making a claim certainly helps with the cost.

I'm just wondering if they are likely to kick off as the car has just come out of the wear & tear waiting period and those issues were highlighted a while back?



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Mmmmmmmmmmmm I would be very surprised if these can be claimed for, surely these these will be classed wear and tear ?


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Nobody can give you a clear cut answer I'm afraid. Read the terms and conditions of the policy.

I bought an Audi about 2 years ago from an independent dealership and received a 6 month warranty with it. Only to find it was provided by a third party (not the independent dealership) and the list of items that weren't covered was much longer than what actually was covered. For example they excluded anything "electrical" which kind of rules out 75% of a modern car these days.

The funniest thing was the warranty company rang me about a month before the policy was to end to see if I wanted to extend it for a fee, I told them I didnt think it was worth the paper it was written on! :gun2:

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Maybe get it serviced nd have the issues highlighted...

I was going to take out a warranty with these guys when i found out duel mass flywheels let go. When i decided not to after several very pushy sales calls, i was told ' good like replacing your clutch when it fails !'

Since then the clutch n flywheel was replaced , the timing belt let go and engine was replaced, and several other failures i took on the chin. I would probably have spent more chasing the warranty claims and getting nowhere, so not really bothered i didnt take it.


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Had it on the wife's Clio and they paid for the heater to be repaired which included removing the whole dash. The cost of the policy and the excess left me breaking even if I didn't take it out. No chasing required.
Only issue us they use halfords garages, which don't do courtesy cars :(


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I was fully aware that my dual mass flywheel was making a noise.
i took out a policy and waited the three months then rang them saying I had a strange noise with symptoms.
they asked me to select a garage and gave me a claim number.
took it to the garage who dismantled and diagnosed the dmf.
warranty direct covered 100% labour due to age of car and the cost of the part.
All it cost me was the price of a clutch, not fitting as this was covered by the dmf.

6 months on I had another strange noise from front of car, same procedure, faulty power steering pump.
this time as car older it cost me I think 30% of the labour, they covered the rest.

For a £350 policy it cost me about £900.
They paid out about £2000.
They require the garage to send them photos of the faulty parts to make a decision on.
If it's not there approved garage you pay the full cost and claim.

i have been told by someone on here he has it in writing that they will cover the oil pump failure but not heard of a claim first hand yet?


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Not being funny but it sounds a bit fraudulent to me, you knew the DMF was on its way out when you took out the policy. Bit like crashing your car, taking out insurance, waiting a few months then claiming for the damage.


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I took out a warranty once and never again, utter pita to sort anything out, mind you it was many many years ago.


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Not being funny but it sounds a bit fraudulent to me, you knew the DMF was on its way out when you took out the policy. Bit like crashing your car, taking out insurance, waiting a few months then claiming for the damage.
That's why they have the 3 month clause. If the car went bang in the that period then It could have been expensive but I'm lucky to have a 2nd car to drive over the sumner.
Call it fraudulent I call it playing the game, it's an insurance policy, not stealing from my gran.
i sleep very well thankyou 😃


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They may do but i doubt it, and what is jakes real name, car etc? so tying the info to something tangible is probably a bit far fetched.


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Thanks for the replies guys - don't think i'll be able to claim for these bits as it does clearly state they don't cover any damage or wear & tear caused during the first 90 days and that's then I had my service/MOT done. So I guess they would clearly see the issues had been highlighted during the 90 days? :-( oh well here's to hoping the oil pump/balance shaft goes bang before my policy expires!!