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WARNING !!! Scammer Breaking Audi S3 8L On Gumtree

Billy9Cars Feb 28, 2018

  1. Billy9Cars

    Billy9Cars New Member

    Hi guys. So its pretty obvious at this point that i have been scammed by some desperate low life on Gumtree that advertised a Ming Blue Audi S3 8L for breaking. The scammer advertised the car on 20/02/2018 in Quinton West Midlands. I contacted the seller and agreed a price for the bumper and sent payment via bank transfer as he said he didn't have PayPal.I know its a bit naive of me to pay by bank transfer but i have never had any problems with online purchases in the past so didn't think to much of it.Until the seller removed the advert from Gumtree , switched off his phone since the sale and has not responded to my emails. The picture he sent me can be found on google images but its from a seller on Ebay selling front splitters. Its pretty obvious at this point that i have been stiffed lol. Luckily it wasn't for much money so im not too concerned.

    Anyway the moral of the story is to not pay anyone for goods or service by bank transfer no matter how convincing the seller sounds. We have all bought things online from various sites without issue but if your not careful unlike me on this occasion you could get scammed. I wanted to post this thread on here for you guys in case you run into this scammer as i do not want any of you to fall victim to this sack of sh*t. I know some of you will be on the hunt for parts so please be alert and do everything possible to stay safe :icon thumright:

    Scammer Details (Could Be Incorrect Of Course)
    Name: Jonathan Jackson
    Tel: 07534857411
    Email: wba3103jj@yahoo.com
    Advertised On Gumtree: Breaking Audi S3 8l
    Payment Sent: Nation Wide Bank (Sort Code: 07-04-xx Account: 347243xx)
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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  3. S3 Hilife

    S3 Hilife It's an addiction Team Dolphin Grey VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi S3 quattro

    Thanks for sharing this is a good reminder to be ultra cautious if a seller asks for payment via bank transfer or Paypal friends and family unless you know and trust them. It’s a shame these scumbags keep getting away with it. Hope you can get your parts or money back somehow

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  4. Billy9Cars

    Billy9Cars New Member

    Thanks mate. I dont think i can get my money back as i contacted my bank and they said that they cannot refund the money. But they took the details of the scam and will send the information to the bank that received the payment for them to decide on how to proceed. Its shocking that people out there are doing this, i hope this shadiness catches up with him before i do lol.
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  5. Silva bullet

    Silva bullet Member

    Thieving scum are all over I was on that site looking at s3 8l old parts..
    Many scumbags nick the audi sat nav and sell on their..they always want cash on collection with no refunds so please be careful it's not that much but Id be still looking for him lol
  6. mephisto

    mephisto Member

    Thanks for letting us know and mate id be the same and trust someone to wire them money not via Paypal. Problem is ive also had so many ****** up experiences via Paypal being scammed in reverse ie sending back something different to what i sold them etc and Paypal just rip the money away from you and refund the purchaser.
    Anyway thanks again, may this cock womble suffer eternal piles and bouts of explosive flatulence.

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