Warning lamp on DIS


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Hi I've had a warning lamp come up on the DIS of my S3 it looks like brake pads i.e. round orange circle with 2 segmented lines surrounding it.
This is first time it's happened & tbh might be the 1st set of pads as the cars just over two years old & 72K (mainly motorway miles - its a company car). It's had an easy life.

So is it pads - I'm guessing front so how quickly should i get this sorted my DIS tells me the cars got anoth 4.5K to go till the next service


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Check your owners manual. Does sound like pads tho.

You will get a fair few miles out of them. They wouldn't design a warning system that told you just before they failed.

As long as it isn't the brake fluid symbol, then you'll be fine for a while.