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Facelift Warning brake servo inoperative?

Bobwas4 Dec 16, 2019

  1. Bobwas4

    Bobwas4 Registered User

    Hello everyone hope all is well? Has anyone had this on their rs3 8v’s? I have had a message come up before I start the car saying warning brake servo inoperative and depress the brakes to start the engine is very heavy? Once the engine is started the brake peddle has resumed normal weight and the message goes?

    I have been told it could be a vacuum leak, just wasn’t sur rid it’s a common issue on fl 8v rs3??

    Anyone else had this issue?
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  3. DW81

    DW81 Registered User

    A member on here had his brake servo completely malfunction on him, he lost all braking ability and after giving it back to Audi they could not repair it correctly and he was successful in handing his rs back and getting a new one as he was not satisfied of the repair.
    I’m not saying this is your case but you need to get this to Audi ASAP mate.
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  4. Bobwas4

    Bobwas4 Registered User

    Cheers bud it’s booked on for Friday!! Let’s hope they can sort it properly
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  5. Scotty2011

    Scotty2011 Registered User

    What was the outcome of this? I had the same message appear a couple days ago, car felt absolutely fine and the message disappeared a few moments after.
  6. Bobwas4

    Bobwas4 Registered User

    Hey buddy funnily enough my car went in today to have a diagnosis and have determined that it’s a vacuum pressure sensor which will be replaced all covered under warranty. That’s as far as I am atm :)
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  7. RAPS3

    RAPS3 Registered User

    I’ve had this happen twice on mine. Both times it was freezing outside.
    When braking the abs kicked in.
    Both times engine off and back on again and it went away. Was a few month ago and it’s been ok since. I googled it and came up with the same result - faulty or sticking vacuum pressure sensor.
    Will have to get it checked out by Audi warranty

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