Wanted A6/S6 estate


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Hi all,

im not sure if im in the right place but what the hell. I am a T5 driver (because i will never buy a MPV again!)

Im looking for an older A6 or S6 with these creds:

7 seats
manual or tip tronic (not plain auto)
Has to be as fast as the t5 (im not sure if the 2.8 is or not)

Thanks for reading and plz dont hate me for driving a volvo as im looking to convert.



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If u want it as fast as the t5 u will need a 2.7t,4.2 v8,or a s6.
I have a 4.2 v8 and love it.
U wont go wrong with any of the above cars.


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The Slug

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S6 all the way :cool: