want to fit a multi function steering wheel


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hey guys so ive just recently bought my first audi, its a 1.6 sport (boring i know but im young and its cheap (Y) )

i want to change a few things already, at the moment Ive just got a standard steering wheel and its nice to use but I really want a multi function steering wheel.

is there certain wheels that only fit?
is it even possible?
are there any guides available?

as you can tell im a noobie :)

any help is muchos appreciated



mike foster

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Jay, first thing to do is a search on this forum for MFSW. There are loads of threads on the subject.

It will very much depend on the year of your car and the type of wheel you have. All wheels have the same physical fitment on the splines but after that it can be a minefield ! You need to make sure that any wheel you get is suitable for your airbag and then you need to have the correct steering module.

Finally, you will need to get the new wheel coded using VCDS ( see separate forum for map showing where users are )

The mfsw can only be used to change radio volume and cd track/radio station unless you have RNSE

Oh, and by the way, welcome to the forum !