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For Sale VW Golf Mk2 electric Recaro's (VERY RARE!) - Front & Back seats

AL (A4 B7) Jan 1, 2020

  1. AL (A4 B7)

    AL (A4 B7) Registered User

    VW Golf Mk2 electric Recaro front seats & normal rear seats with rare factory headrests - rainbow interior.
    Plz note, front seats are electric only.

    Also this has been on eBay and will be removed come Jan 6th. - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254448821422

    Not many about out of these out there, especially with rear factory headrests & in this condition.
    Removed from a NON Smokers and Pet FREE car.

    Seats are in excellent, very clean condition and have been well kept and maintained.
    They are also in original condition, never been re-upholstered and I've owned these since 1996 and still everything is tight and firm as you would expect.
    They were removed from my old Mk2 Golf GTi 16v which is no longer, one of the picture's will show the car they were in originally.
    The bolsters are still very firm, seats and backing are firm as they were new pretty much, they hug you nicely and I will regret letting these go unless I find a nice Mk2 project to work on, then they may stay with me.

    Minor Issues are:
    Drivers side bolster, seam slightly opening up but still intact and together.
    Rear seats, top left over shoulder area, slight lightened area (or top right if you look directly on at the image)
    Rear reverse of rear seats, marks/scratches across the back, nothing to detract from the actual seats.
    The "Recaro" wording on the seats gone pink/red.

    One thing I will be clear on - the electrics were working when removed, however, the drivers seat seems hit and miss, when it was in the car, was more hit than miss, I'm sure someone with electric knowledge will be able to resolve this. The passenger side was working spot on when removed.
    However, they have been sitting in my unit for some time now, covered up and kept in dry conditions. So not sure of the state of the motors entirely if I'm honest, because of this there will be a degree of flexibility in the price.
    So until I get time to check the electric motors on the seats and confirm this, I'll accept decent offers as is. If the electric seats are working for sure and I can confirm this, then there will be little movement on the price and I'll update this ad.

    I'm told they could fit Mk1 & Mk3 Golf's and Corrado's but you'll have to check and be sure as I'm not 100% sure, so check to see if the sub frames & runners would work on those cars to be sure. Possibly on the VW Golf forums for this info.

    ** Please double check they will fit your car, other than the Mk2 Golf before any purchase, as I cannot accept any responsibility if they don't fit **

    Price: £1825.00 - open to offers.

    Please note: This is a collect only item
    - RM7 postcode, Romford, Essex only between:
    9.30am to 3pm, Mon - Friday
    9.30am to 3pm, Saturdays
    9.30am to 2pm, Sundays.

    Outside these hours I'll do my best to accommodate.

    Any questions, please feel free to drop me a message, I'll be happy to reply.

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    Last edited: Jan 1, 2020

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