VW Golf GTI Mk 5 30th Anniversary Limited Edition


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Those wheels are photoshopped aren't they!? its normally got black gti rims i think.


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Yeah you are right, thats not the original 30th edition!!


Valentino Rossi A.K.A The Doctor
Hi gents, i went to my local vw dealership today and they had a 30th anniversary GTI with silver wheels as-per-photo.


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Had this GTi 30 on a all day test drive last week.

Was truely stunned by it. I drive a tractor normally so the acceleration was going to be great but it was much more.

The ride in the car was superior to my sportback. Less harsh at all speeds. Held the road like it was on rails.

Oh to cut my daily commute -- i think I could live with the inferior interior compared to my A3 !