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Voluntary Termination.............

Andy Dilworth Jul 24, 2015

  1. Andy Dilworth

    Andy Dilworth Member Team Brill Red Audi RS3 quattro

    Evening all!
    I am currently engaged in a PCP finance agreement with BMW and will be looking to "VT" in October-15 in order to get my new Audi. Has anybody "VT'd" before and if so, has this had any effect on your ability to get car finance afterwards??
    Thanks in advance all! ☺️
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  3. Simon91

    Simon91 Member

    Hi Andy,

    Using the term VT do you mean that you have paid half the contract off and are handing the car back? This will not affect your credit rating as it is a legal right, but most people don't do this as it includes the balloon payment so you are basically at the end of a contract when you reach the 50% mark assuming went in with a low deposit.

    One thing to bear in mind however is that BMW FS will likely refuse you finance in the future, Audi use their own finance company so will likely lend to you if they don't share information.

    Most people including myself will complete an early termination which is effectively paying off the remaining balance of the contract, this is usually covered by your PX assuming you are in positive equity (the car is worth more than you owe). This will not affect your credit rating either nor ability to get finance again.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Andy Dilworth

    Andy Dilworth Member Team Brill Red Audi RS3 quattro

    Thanks Simon, yes I have paid 50% and will be handing the car back. It is obviously my last resort unless I can sell it privately as I won't cover the settlement amount if I sell it to a dealer.......

    If I sell it privately, will have the hassle of the wife not having a car until the RS3 arrives so just handing it back seemed the easiest (and laziest) option!!

    Thanks again for your post.
  5. Scottyg

    Scottyg Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver TDi Audi A3 S tronic

    I've VT'd in the past but generally do as above, part ex or sell privately and pay off outstanding financ. Sold my Countryman in March to Evans Halshaw. Got an online quote from WBAC and EH promise to beat it. Audi offered me £10,200, WBAC £11,800 and EH £12,200. No brainier for me really. Just show how mince some dealer are with Part Ex values!

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