Voice activated dialling?

Neil Wilkinson

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Is it possible to voice dial someone? I've connected my phone and all the numbers appear but it's fiddly when I want to call someone.

Had an Laguna before the Audi and you just pressed a button an said "dial Bob" and it rang, is it possible with the A4? I've looked about in setting but nothing obvious

Thanks in advance


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Have a read of your manual mate, but in a nutshell, you can push the talk but and say "Store or Store name " iirc, then you will be guided to state a name and then add a number, or something similar.


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It'll depend on whether Speech Dialogue System (SDS) is fitted. This is Audi, don't forget; nothing comes as standard.


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Press the talk button, you will hear a beep, this lets you know it's waiting for a command, then say 'Dial name' if it says 'the name please' then happy days you have it.


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I just say "call John Smith" and it asks me if I want to dial it, say yes and it dials.

Or say "dial a number" and then read it out one digit at a time