Virbations problem, please help.


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Hello guys, please I need advice from you.

Audi A6 2.0 TDI 2010 Le mans
55k miles on a clock

Since I bought my Audi A6 I notice vibrations all over on a car. Took it to audi specialist and they told me that vibration are caused by flywheel and clutch. Had it booked in and replaced. Nothing change. Vibrations stays as they been before. Went back few times to them, they had my car for few hours. Injectors, air mass flow meter, egr valve and engine/gear box mounts been checked. No problems with it at all. They put thier hands up. So I took it to main dealer Audi Bedford. After 4h having my car they cant find any problem with it. Been recommened to change engine damper, alternator and ribbed belt at cost of £940 so I took it back with me to check with other garage before I spent that so of money.

Engine shakes at idle and vibration can be felt through car, car also doesnt accelerate smoothly (vibrate on pedals). While idle and you put your foot on a accelerator pedal to rev it a bit the whole car shake a lot on a sides.

Please help me with some advices because, this issue begins to seriously annoy me.




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Could be a bad engine mount, have they been looked at or changed. Also any fault codes on the engine?


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No faults at all, been told by both of garages that they did looked on engine mounts.


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Thanks B5NUT for your quick answer. I have a little update may be funny but that what I feel. When is raining or road is wet it seems to shake a lot less... What u guys think about that?

Btw. Can anyone recommend me where I can get good quality engine mounts? What is a price for it?